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Book Cover's

Out of the Ordinary.jpg
Protected Secrets.jpg
Cold Fear.jpg
The Ladies of Ivy Cottage.jpg
Cold Fury.jpg
Engraved on the Heart.jpg
An Hour Unspent.jpg
Legacy of Mercy.jpg
Goldfish Secrets.jpg
A Sparkle of Silver.jpg
A Secret To Die For.jpg
The Christmas Heirloom.jpg
Lady of a Thousand Treasures.jpg
Murder of Convenience.jpg
Delayed Justice.jpg
Lost Christmas Memories.jpg
Christmas Hideout.jpg
Cold Pursuit.jpg
In Too Deep.jpg
Chosen People.jpg
The Unannounced Christmas Visitor.jpg
Lone Star Christmas Witness.jpg
Shadows of Deception.jpg
Flights of Fancy.jpg
Never Let Go.jpg
Castle on the Rise.jpg
Of Fire and Lions.jpg
Cold Dawn.jpg
Code of Valor.jpg
Between Two Shores.jpg
Justice Delivered.jpg
Searching for You.jpg
Dead Ringer.jpg
Lone Star Standoff.jpg
The Sea Before Us.jpg
The Sky Above Us.jpg
More Than Words Can Say.jpg
The Number of Love.jpg
The Noble Guardian.jpg
A Reluctant Belle.jpg
The Medallion.jpg
Dead Silence.jpg
Hadassah Queen Esther of Persia.jpg
Over the Line.jpg
No Greater Love.jpg
Midnight on the River Grey.jpg
Until the Mountains Fall.jpg
Deadly Intentions.jpg
Vow of Justice.jpg
The Kingdom vs John Reid.jpg
All In.jpg
One Final Breath.jpg
Diamond in the Rough.jpg
The Gryphon Heist.jpg
The Bride of Ivy Green.jpg
Danger on the Ranch.jpg
A Heart of Stone.jpg
Dead End.jpg
Dark Ambitions.jpg
Lake Season.jpg
The Painted Castle.jpg
Where Your Treasure Lies.jpg
Deadly Deceit.jpg
Protecting Tanner Hollow.jpg
Deadly Christmas Pretense.jpg
Serving Up Love.jpg
A Baby for the Minister.jpg
Lake Season.jpg
Hidden Rebel.jpg
Seconds to Live.jpg
Brand of Light.jpg
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