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Until the Mountains Fall

July 31, 2019

Until the Mountains Fall by Connilyn Cossette is the third book in her Cities of Refuge series. This story centers around the refuge cities of Kadesh and Edrei. Rivkah is a recent widow and according to Torah law she must marry her husband’s brother, Malakhi. Still grieving for her husband, she flees Kadesh and becomes a scribe for a wealthy man in Edrei. Malakhi has loved Rivkah since he was a young boy. He is heartbroken when she runs away. His family tries to get him to find someone else but nobody measures up to her. Will they ever find a common ground? This story started out very slowly. To me both Rivkah and Malakhi were too self-centered and childish. You wanted to reach out and shake some sense into them and tell them to grow up. About half-way through it started picking up and by the end I couldn’t put it down. Rivkah owned up to her sins and was willing to pay the consequences for her actions. Thankfully she had a forgiving heavenly Father and earthly father as well. What a story of forgiveness and reconciliation!


I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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