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All In

August 9, 2019

All In by L.K. Simonds is her very first published novel. According to the back blurb on the book Cami Taylor’s boyfriend loves her in spite of her flaws. He wants to marry her but she has other ideas. Breaking off the relationship she goes on a quest for happiness. I never finished the book. I only got to page 55. Within those few pages there were two sex scenes, visit’s to a bar, drinking, and cigarette smoking. Just not what I expected from a Christian fiction story. Although the sex scenes weren’t really explicit, the act wasn’t described in detail, the fact that they were even talked about or even included was just too much for me. A couple of times ‘God’ was used as a swear word. I did read the last two pages and it looks like Cami eventually found the Lord. There was just too much other stuff in between.




I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.


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