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A Fragile Hope

Wow! What a book. To tell you the truth, when I first started A Fragile Hope I was wondering why I even said I’d review it. But, I kept reading and boy was I in for some soul searching myself. Josiah Chamberlain has a long road ahead of him. His wife has distanced herself from him and before she can explain she’s in a horrible car accident. Now, everything that Josiah holds dear is under attack. His faith is sorely tested right along with his marriage vows of ‘for better or worse’. When looking for answers he comes across the phrase “On the night He was betrayed” …. That started him thinking and praying. When the lines of communication are severed all kinds of problems arise. He learns that there is always Hope; even though sometimes it’s fragile; But if you plant seeds they can grow even in mud. I started looking at myself and wondering am I doing enough? Have I been neglectful by not listening? And that phrase “On the night He was betrayed”; have I really been grateful enough for what He went through that night for ME?

I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

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