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"Some books are so familiar that reading them is like being home again." ~Louisa May Alcott

Alphabetical by Book

  A Baby for the Minister - Laurel Blount
  A Beautiful Disguise -Roseanna M. White
  A Castaway in Cornwall - Julie Klassen

  A Changed Agent - Tracey J. Lyons
  A Cowboy for Keeps - Jody Hedlund
  A Dazzle of Diamonds - Liz Johnson
  A Fragile Hope - Cynthia Ruchti
  A Heart Adrift - Laura Frantz
  A Heart of Stone - Lyn Cote

  A Lady Unrivaled - Roseanna M. White
  A Match in the Making - Jen Turano
  A Match Made in Texas - Karen Witemeyer, Mary            Connealy, Regina Jennings, Carol Cox

  A Match to Call Ours - Merrillee Whren
  A Name Unknown - Roseanna M. White

  A Noble Scheme - Roseanna M. White
  A Picture of Hope - Liz Tolsma
  A Portrait of Loyalty - Roseanna M. White

  A Promise Engraved - Liz Tolsma
  A Promise Forged - Cara Putman

  A Rebel Heart - Beth White
  A Reckless Love - Beth White
  A Reluctant Belle - Beth White
  A Rose for the Resistance - Angela K. Couch
  A Secret to Die For - Lisa Harris

  A Song Unheard - Roseanna M. White
  A Sparkle of Silver - Liz Johnson
  A Sprinkle in Time - Dana Mentink 
  A Wedding in Wild Harbor - Grace Worthington
  A Will, A Way, and A Wedding - Melody Carlson

  A Wing and a Prayer - Julie Lessman
  After 3 - Joy Ohagwu
  All In - L.K. Simonds
  An Hour Unspent - Roseanna M. White
  An Ivy Hill Christmas - Julie Klassen
  Archer - Camille Elliot
  At Love's Command - Karen Witemeyer
  Behind the Scenes - Jen Turano
  Beneath a Peaceful Moon - Debby Lee
  Beneath His Silence - Hannah Linder
  Berserker - Camille Elliot

  Between Two Shores - Jocelyn Green
  Beyond Justice - Cara Putman
  Blind Betrayal - Nancy Mehl
  Blind Trust - Natalie Walters
  Body of Evidence - Irene Hannon
  Brand of Light - Ronie Kendig

  Bride by Blackmail - Debbie Lynne Costello
  Bridge of Gold - Kimberley Woodhouse

  Buried Cold Case Secrets - Sami A. Abrams 
  Capsized by Death - Catherine Finger
  Capturing Hope - Angela K. Couch
  Castle on the Rise - Kristy Cambron

  Chasing Shadows - Lynn Austin
  Chosen People - Robert Whitlow

  Christmas Conspiracy - Susan Sleeman
  Christmas Crime Cover- Up - Dana Mentink
  Christmas Hideout - Susan Sleeman

  Code of Valor - Lynette Eason
  Code Name Edelweiss - Stephanie Landsem
  Cold Case Connection - Dana Mentink

  Cold Dawn - Susan Sleeman
  Cold Fear - Susan Sleeman
  Cold Light of Day - Elizabeth Goddard
  Cold Pursuit - Susan Sleeman

  Cold Terror - Susan Sleeman
  Cold Truth - Susan Sleeman
  Corner Booth - Chautona Havig
  Countdown - Lynette Eason
  Counter Attack - Patricia Bradley
  Counterfeit Love - Crystal Caudill
  Cowboy Bodyguard - Dana Mentink

  Credible Threat - Heather Woodhaven
  Critical Alliance - Elizabeth Goddard
  Critical Threat - Lynette Eason
  Crosshairs - Patricia Bradley
  Danger on the Ranch - Dana Mentink
  Dark Ambitions - Irene Hannon
  Dark Water - Christy Barritt
  Dawn of Liberty - Amber Schamel
  Dead Center - Susan Sleeman
  Dead End - Susan Sleeman
  Dead Heat - Susan Sleeman
  Dead Silence - Susan Sleeman
  Dead Ringer - Susan Sleeman
  Dead Run - Jodie Bailey
  Deadly Christmas Pretense - Dana Mentink
  Deadly Deceit - Natalie Walters
  Deadly Intentions - Lisa Harris
  Deadly Target - Elizabeth Goddard
  Death Valley Hideout - Dana Mentink
  Deception - Patricia Bradley
  Delayed Justice - Cara Putman

  Diamond in the Rough - Jen Turano
  Don't Keep Silent - Elizabeth Goddard
  Double Take - Lynette Eason
  Dreams of Savannah - Roseanna M. White

  Dusk's Darkest Shores - Carolyn Miller
  Elysium Tide - James R. Hannibal
  Engraved on the Heart - Tara Johnson

  Escape from Amsterdam - Lauralee Bliss
  Fatal Code - Natalie Walters
  Fatal Mistake - Susan Sleeman

  Fatal Witness - Patricia Bradley
  Flights of Fancy - Jen Turano

  Forgiven Again - Gina Holder
  Fragments of Fear - Carrie Stuart Parks
  Framed in Death Valley - Dana Mentink
  Free Fall - Nancy Mehl 
  Goldfish Secrets (YA)- Kellyn Roth
  Hadassah, Queen Esther of Persia - Diana Wallis

  Heart Failure - Richard L. Mabry
  Hidden in the Night - Elizabeth Goddard
  Hidden Rebel - Michelle Janene

  Holiday Secrets - Susan Sleeman
  Holly, Ivy & Intrigue - Joanie Bruce, Alexa Verde,                Denise Weimer
  Honor Bound - Hallee Bridgeman
  Honor's Refuge - Hallee Bridgeman 
  Hope Breaks Through - Jim Baton

  Hope in the Balance - Jim Baton
  Hope is a Dangerous Place - Jim Baton
  Hostage Rescue - Lisa Harris
  Hostile Intent - Lynette Eason

  Hours to Kill - Susan Sleeman
  If I Were You - Lynn Austin
  If the Boot Fits - Karen Witemeyer
  Indivisible - Travis Thrasher 

  In Honor's Defense - Karen Witemeyer
  In Places Hidden - Tracie Peterson

  In Search of a Prince - Toni Shiloh
  In Too Deep - Lynn H. Blackburn

  Irish Encounter - Hope Toler Dougherty
  Isaiah's Legacy - Mesu Andrews
  Justice Delivered - Patricia Bradley
  Killer Christmas Evidence - Sami A. Abrams
  Killer Harvest - Tanya Stowe

  Labyrinth of Lies - Irene Hannon
  Lady of a Thousand Treasures - Sandra Byrd

  Lake Season - Denise Hunter
  Legacy of Mercy - Lynn Austin
  Lethal Cover-Up - Darlene L. Turner
  Life Flight - Lynette Eason
  Lights Out - Natalie Walters
 Lone Star Christmas Witness - Margaret Daley

  Lone Star Standoff - Margaret Daley
  Lone Witness - Rachel Dylan
  Lost Christmas Memories - Dana Mentink 
  Love and Other Mistakes - Jessica Kate
  Love on a Limb - Laurie Lewis  
   Made of Steele - Susan Sleeman
   Malicious Intent - Lynn Blackburn 
   Midnight on the River Grey - Abigail Wilson

   Midnight's Budding Morrow - Carolyn Miller
   Mind Games - Nancy Mehl

   Minutes to Die - Susan Sleeman
   Missing in the Desert - Dana Mentink
   More Than Meets the Eye - Karen Witemeyer

   More Than Words Can Say - Karen Witemeyer 
   Mrs. Witherspoon Goes to War - Mary Davis
   Murder of Convenience - Linda Shenton Matchett

   My Dear Miss Dupre - Grace Hitchcock
   Network of Deceit - Tom Threadgill
   Never Let Go - Elizabeth Goddard
   Never Miss - Melissa Koslin

   Night Fall - Susan Sleeman
   Night Hawk - Susan Sleeman
   Night Moves - Susan Sleeman
   Night Prey - Susan Sleeman
   Night Vision - Susan Sleeman

   Night Watch - Susan Sleeman
   No Greater Love - Gina Holder

  Obsession - Patricia Bradley
  Of Fire and Lions - Mesu Andrews
  On My Honor - Patty Smith Hall
  On Wings of Devotion - Roseanna M. White

  One Final Breath - Lynn H. Blackburn
  Operation Zulu Redemption - Ronie Kendig
  Out of the Ordinary - Jen Turano
  Over the Line - Kelly Irvin
  Pint of No Return - Dana Mentink
  Point of Danger - Irene Hannon
  Practically Married - Karin Beery
  Present Danger - Elizabeth Goddard
  Promised Land - Robert Whitlow
  Protected Secrets - Heather Woodhaven
  Protecting Tanner Hollow - Lynette Eason
  Pursued - Lisa Harris
  Pursued in the Wilderness - Loretta Eidson
  Revealed - Elaine Manders  
  Rocky Mountain Revenge - Rhonda Starnes
  Rocky Mountain Sabotage - Jill Elizabeth Nelson
  Saving Mrs. Roosevelt - Candice Sue Patterson
  Searching for You - Jody Hedlund

  Seconds to Live - Susan Sleeman
  Secrets Resurfaced - Dana Mentink
  Serving Up Love - Tracie Peterson, Karen                            Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, Jen Turano
  Shadowed Loyalty - Roseanna M. White
  Shadows of Deception - Ashley Dawn

  Shadows of Swanford Abbey - Julie Klassen
  Shelter of the Most High - Connilyn Cossette
  Silent Shadows - Natalie Walters

  Snowbound Escape - Dana Mentink
  Spoon to Be Dead - Dana Mentink
  Stand - Kristina Hall

  Standoff - Patricia Bradley
  Star of Persia - Jill Eileen Smith
  Storing Up Trouble - Jen Turano
  Summer Flash Burn - Erin Unger
  Targeted - Lynette Eason, Lynn Blackburn,
        Natalie Walters
  Targeted in the Desert - Dana Mentink
  Texas Twin Abduction - Virginia Vaughan

  The Blackout Book Club - Amy Lynn Green
  The Bride of Blackfriars Lane - Michelle Griep
  The Bride of Ivy Green - Julie Klassen

  The Bridge to Belle Island - Julie Klassen
  The Catch - Lisa Harris
  The Chase - Lisa Harris

  The Christmas Heirloom - Kristi Ann Hunter,                 Karen Witemeyer, Sarah Loudin Thomas,                   Becky Wade
  The Conqueror - Bryan Litfin
  The Crushing Depths - Dani Pettrey
  The Cryptographer's Dilemma - Johnnie                         Alexander
  The Deadly Shallows - Dani Pettrey
  The Debutante's Code - Erica Vetsch
  The Escape - Lisa Harris

  The Escape Game - Marilyn Turk
  The Gentleman Spy - Erica Vetsch

  The Gryphon Heist - James R. Hannibal
  The Heart Between Us - Lindsay Harrel
  The Heart of a Hero - Susan May Warren
  The Heart's Charge - Karen Witemeyer
  The Indebted Earl - Erica Vetsch

  The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill - Julie Klassen
  The Killing Tide - Dani Pettrey
  The Kingdom vs John Reid - Dillon Lunn
  The Ladies of Ivy Cottage - Julie Klassen
  The Land Beneath Us - Sarah Sundin
  The Lost Lieutenant - Erica Vetsch
  The Love Note - Joanna Davidson Politano
  The Marine's Deadly Reunion - Loretta Eidson
  The Matchmakers of Holly Circle - Chautona
  The Medallion - Cathy Gohlke

  The Nature of a Lady - Roseanna M. White
  The Noble Guardian - Michelle Griep

  The Number of Love - Roseanna M. White
  The Painted Castle - Kristy Cambron
  The Paris Betrayal - James R. Hannibal
  The Price of Valor - Susan May Warren

  The Sea Before Us - Sarah Sundin
  The Secret of Emerald Cottage - Julie Lessman
  The Secret Society of Salzburg - Renee Ryan
  The Sky Above Us - Sarah Sundin

  The Sleuth of Blackfriars Lane - Michelle Griep
  The Socialite - J'nell Ciesielski

  The Songstress - Lori Bates Wright
  The Sound of Light - Sarah Sundin
  The Starlet Spy - Rachel Scott McDaniel
  The Sugar Baron's Governess - Elva Cobb Martin
  The Thief of Blackfriars Lane - Michelle Griep

  The Traitor's Pawn - Lisa Harris
  The Unannounced Christmas Visitor - Patrick

  The Warsaw Sisters - Amanda Barratt
  Things Not Seen - Kristina Hall

  Tidewater Bride - Laura Frantz
  To Disguise the Truth - Jen Turano
  To Gain a Bodyguard - Tanya Eavenson

  To Steal a Heart - Jen Turano 
  To Treasure an Heiress - Roseanna M. White
  To Write a Wrong - Jen Turano

 Tough as Steele - Susan Sleeman
  Tracking the Truth - Dana Mentink
 Trapped In Yosemite - Dana Mentink

   Undercover Assignment - Dana Mentink
   Unknown - Vanessa Hall
   Unknown Threat - Lynn H. Blackburn

   Unscripted - Davis Bunn
   Until Leaves Fall in Paris - Sarah Sundin
   Until the Mountains Fall - Connilyn Cossette

  Vanished in the Mountains - Tanya Stowe
  Vanished Without a Trace - Sarah Hamaker
  Vestige of Hope - Sara Blackard 

  Vow of Justice - Lynette Eason
  What I Promise You - Liz Tolsma
  What I Would Tell You - Liz Tolsma
 When Twilight Breaks - Sarah Sundin

  Where Your Treasure Lies - Joel Thimell
  Witness Undercover - Debra Cowan 
  Word of Honor - Hallee Bridgeman
 Worthy of Legend - Roseanna M. White  
  Yesterday's Tides - Roseanna M. White 
 Yukon Justice - Dana Mentink 


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