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Dawn of Liberty

Dawn of Liberty by Amber Schamel is a collection of three short stories. The stories center around Samuel Adams at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The decision has to be made; fight for liberty or surrender to the injustices of a ruling English nation. We get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner struggle the signers of this document went through. You get a sense of the fear of retaliation that they felt; not just for themselves but for their families as well. The British won’t look lightly upon these “traitors”. Mr. Adams and the rest of the founding fathers that rallied the freedom cry would be hung for treason if caught, but yet they didn’t give up the cause. Our great nations’ struggle for its freedom was costly, but freedom always comes with a price. Ms. Schamel brings to life all the heartaches and joys of our journey to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Dawn of Liberty is an excellent read.

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