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Holly, Ivy, and Intrigue

Holly, Ivy & Intrigue is a Christmas novella. In Christmas Murder Mix-Up by Joanie Bruce, Paige and Cooper have been married for four happy months. After overhearing a phone conversation between Cooper and his best friend, Paige is devastated. What will she do with the information? Turning to her best friend for advice she is encouraged to wait and see. But then there’s the suspicious Christmas present that ticks, a gas leak and a thief brakes into her house. Can her love overcome the fear and mistrust? What a ride this story will take you on. It was very fast paced and well-written. I enjoyed it very much. Never run with something without getting all the facts is very good advice. Through-out the whole ordeal Paige finally realized her need for God. In Holiday Pursuit by Alexa Verde three days before Christmas Brianna Rockwell’s brother gets in trouble and disappears. Now, she must find him before the murderer does. So, she turns to Private Investigator Richard Stone for help. Determined not to let her long-time crush on Richard interfere with finding her brother proves harder than she imagined. This story has a powerful family bond. Through everything that Brianna’s brother put her through she never lost her love for him and always wanted what was best for him. Just like our heavenly Father! Great story. In A Holiday Intruder by Denise Weimer Kelsey Jordan owns a struggling antique shop in a little Georgia town. Looking for new inventory to bring in more customers, she approaches Tyler Jackson with an offer. Mix in a break-in at her shop, an intruder in her home, a mysterious benefactor and you have the makings of an intriguing tale. This story was a delight to read. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. This whole novella collection was a sweet read. As with most novella’s the stories developed fast and came to quick conclusion. I love Christmas suspense so I really enjoyed this set.

I received this e-book from Joanie Bruce in exchange for my honest review.

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