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A Match Made In Texas

A Match Made in Texas is a historical novella that takes place in Dry Gulch, Texas. There’s a matchmaker in town that is pairing couples.

In A Cowboy Unmatched by Karen Witemeyer, Neill is hired to repair Clara’s roof. Will their stubbornness keep them apart or can he convince her to take a second chance on love? I loved that this was the conclusion of the Archer Brothers’ series. I just wish Neill could’ve had a full-length story. Clara was such a strong independent woman. She had me rooting for her from the very beginning. Her courage was an inspiration.

In an Unforeseen Match by Regina Jennings, Clayton answers an advertisement for a handy man. Grace has no idea who placed the ad but she’s willing to accept his help. Grace must learn to live with her new circumstances in life. Clayton must learn to forgive and move past the hurt of his past. Together they make the perfect couple. Ms. Jennings addressed the scary subject of blindness with a finesse that was a delight to read. The way Grace chose to move forward and make the adjustments to her new life without whining or feeling sorry for herself, had me turning the pages to see how she would react to the next situation that was handed her. Grace lived up to her name – she handled herself ‘gracefully’!

In No Match for Love by Carol Cox, Lucy accepts the position of caretaker for Andrew’s, Aunt Martha. With the strange things going on around the ranch Lucy and Andrew must join forces to figure things out before someone gets hurt. This story was almost too much to read. It was as if you were reading a little kids story. I have read stories by Ms. Cox before and enjoyed them; she must have hit a slump when she wrote this one.

In Meeting Her Match by Mary Connealy, the matchmaker of Dry Gulch is revealed and the tables are turned. Now she’s on the receiving end of a matchmaking scheme. I actually thought this was a cute story even though the way the scheme was carried out was a little far-fetched it still made for a sweet read.

Although I usually enjoy reading a novella this collection seemed to take me forever to read. Overall I’d give this book a three star rating.

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