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A Song Unheard

This second installment in Roseanna White’s Shadow’s Over England series is a sweet melody with a little intrigue thrown in for good measure. It’s the start of World War l and England is looking for any advantage over Germany that they can find. Willa Forsythe is a first-rate thief. She can also play the violin. That’s why she is chosen to steal a cypher key from the famous violinist, Lukas De Wilde. Willa’s journey is a hard one, shaped by her past. She eventually learns to trust in not only other people but in God. I really enjoyed the musical aspect of this story. I was hoping for more from some of the secondary characters. Hopefully we see more of them in the next book. So, A Song Unheard did not disappoint. It was everything you would expect from Roseanna White. I can’t wait for the next one!

I received this book from Bethany House publisher’s in exchange for my honest review.

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