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The Heart Between Us

The Heart Between Us by Lindsay Harrel is the story of Megan Jacobs who has had heart problems since she was a little girl. Her twin, Crystal, was the healthy one. Three years after a heart transplant, Megan meets the donor’s family. They give her a journal that their daughter kept. In it was a bucket list of twenty-five things she wanted to accomplish. Megan decides to try to fulfill that list. Crystal accompanies her on the journey. As they both travel the world and mark things off the list they discover their real selves and that God is the only answer. The story started out a little slow but picked up speed along the way. I enjoyed reading about their travels to different locations, since I’ve also visited several of the same places. So, it was easy to picture where they were. I sympathized with Megan, sometimes we let fear stop us from achieving what God has in store for us. I loved the “be still and wait for God’s timing” aspect of the story. If we could all learn this lesson in life, we’d be a happier group of people.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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