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In Places Hidden

In Places Hidden by Tracie Peterson is the first book in the Golden Gate series. The story takes place in 1905, in the booming city of San Francisco. Camri Coulter, with the help of Patrick Murdock, is searching for her brother. What she discovers is political corruption running rampant. Although there is danger in the search for Caleb, it is not too much of a concern to anyone, or so it seemed to me. The story was a very slow start for me. Nothing really happened until over half-way through the book. Camri was supposed to be looking for her missing brother but to me she didn’t do too much “looking”. Still, the storyline was interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed the wee bit of Irish dialogue that was inserted throughout. Overall, I would recommend this book if you like a sweet romance with just a touch of danger.

I received this book from Bethany House publisher’s in exchange for my honest review.

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