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Cold Truth

Cold Truth by Susan Sleeman is the second book in the Cold Harbor series. “Let’s play a game,” is the words research chemist Kiera Underwood hears when she answers her phone. The voice goes on to say that if she doesn’t figure out the puzzle her brother will die. Not being able to get her brother to answer his phone she heads to Cold Harbor to find out what’s going on. Kevin has disappeared along with a biotoxin from Oceanic Labs. Former Army Ranger, Coop Ashcroft, and the rest of the Blackwell Tactical team are hired to find the toxin and Kevin. Is Kiera involved or innocent? Coop must protect Kiera when an attempt is made on her life. I stayed up way too late reading this book! Susan has a way of pulling you in from the first sentence and she doesn’t let you go until the story is all told. Along the way she weaves her love of God into that story without being “preachy”. I love how her characters are always so human; struggling with everyday problems that we struggle with. And how they always manage to find the Peace and trust that they were searching for. I highly recommend any book by Susan Sleeman!

I received this e-book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

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