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Cowboy Bodyguard

Cowboy Bodyguard is the third book in the Gold Country Cowboys series. Shannon Livingston is serving her internship at Mercy Hospital in Los Angeles. She befriends a young mother, who is being threatened by a biker gang. But, to be able to protect them she’ll need help so she calls on the only man that she trusts. The man she married in secret seven years ago, Jack Thorn. Together they will protect the baby while the mom looks for her brother. Protecting the baby is one thing but will Jack be able to protect his heart from being broken all over again? The story has lots of action. But the best part was how Ms. Mentink wove the spiritual content into the story without being over bearing. It took awhile for Shannon to understand God’s love, but she eventually got there. I loved how the family all rallied around and was willing to do whatever they had to, to protect one of their own. Another great story from Dana Mentink.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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