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Revealed is the third book in the Intrigue Under Western Skies series by Elaine Manders. When Katherine Levinson’s father dies, she loses her home and wealth. Now, destitute she must find a way to take care of her mother who is sick. Contacting the brother she’s never met, Katherine faces new challenges ahead as family secrets, long-buried, surface. How will these challenges affect her feelings for neighboring rancher Colt Holliman? When an unexpected danger arises will Colt and Katherine’s love survive? This story was a very easy read, almost too easy. I enjoyed getting to know the different characters throughout the book. The overall love of God shines through the whole story without being too preachy. Even though the characters had flaws they overcame them and came out even stronger because of them. A very entertaining read.

I received this book from Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review.

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