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The Christmas Heirloom

The Christmas Heirloom is a Christmas novella by four out-standing Christian authors. The stories center around an heirloom brooch handed down through the generations and rumored to bring true love to its owner.

Legacy of Love by Kristi Ann Hunter starts the story off. We find Sarah Gooding as the companion of Lady Densbury in Lancashire, England in 1827. Sarah was hired after she recovered the brooch from a snow bank. Lady Densbury introduces Sarah to her grandson, Randall. Because Sarah is hired help, Randall’s mother disapproves of her. Will the love blossoming wilt under the pressure or will it bloom? The story was a delight to read. I loved the laughter and the easy camaraderie.

Gift of the Heart by Karen Witemeyer takes place in Hope Springs, Texas in 1890. The brooch is now in the hands of Lady Densbury’s fourth great granddaughter. Widow Ruth Fulbright moves to Hope Springs with her daughter Naomi hoping for a new start. She uses the brooch as collateral for a bank loan and gains so much more than she bargained for. This story was so well crafted. I laughed out-loud at the antics of seven-year-old Naomi. I became anxious about where Ruth would get the needed supplies for winter; and I actually cried when she fell in love. This was such a sweet story.

A Shot at Love by Sarah Loudin Thomas is a Sound of Rain novella. Fleeta Brady lives in Bethel, West Virginia in 1958. She has lived with her aunt and uncle since the death of her parents when she was very small. Her aunt has been holding onto the brooch for Fleeta until she is old enough to inherit it from her mother. She is now the seventh generation to own the Luckenbooth brooch. Fleeta’s dream is to open a gunsmithing shop but now that she has the brooch maybe love isn’t as girly as she had feared. Fleeta was a loveable tomboy. I really enjoyed her character. When Hank Chapin returns the lost brooch to Fleeta, you know sparks are gonna fly!

Because of You by Becky Wade is a Bradford Sisters romance set in present day Merryweather, Washington. Maddie Winslow is the tenth-generation owner of the amethyst brooch. She has secretly been in love with Leo for years, but he married her best friend. When she finds the heirloom brooch hidden in a box, will it finally be her turn for true love? I loved the integrity of this story and the willingness to honor a friend’s memory. The Christmas mission project that Maddie helps with sounds like a great way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. A great little holiday read to get you into the Christmas spirit!

I received this e-book from the Publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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