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Chosen People

Chosen People by Robert Whitlow is a stand-alone legal novel. Gloria Neumann is killed during a terrorist attack near the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Now, Jacob Brodsky, a Jewish lawyer, is pursuing a lawsuit on behalf of the family and needs help from Hanna Abboud, a Christian Arab Israeli lawyer based in Atlanta. The case quickly takes them from Georgia to the streets of Jerusalem where the risk of death is everywhere. I loved being able to travel along to Israel, a country I’ve not had a chance to visit. The encounters with all the secret organizations in Israel kept me interested to see what happened next. The spiritual content was expertly woven in with the story. The legal aspect of the lawsuit/storyline was handled very well. I was afraid that with this being a legal thriller that there would be a lot of legal talk, but there wasn’t. I wasn’t bored at all. It is a very well-written story.

I received this book from the Celebrate-Lit in exchange for my honest review.

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