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Shadows of Deception

Shadows of Deception by Ashley Dawn is the fourth book in her Of the Shadows series. Strange accidents are happening on Colorado’s ranch. So, he hire’s Tiffany Reiley, a seasoned PI to find out what’s going on. As the danger escalates so does the attraction between Tiffany and Colorado. I loved the way Colorado was able to apologize and it was accepted and not used against him. I enjoyed watching the struggles and spiritual growth that both characters shared together. The strength of family shown through with a refreshing clarity. I enjoyed seeing some of the story from the bad-guy’s perspective without being told who the bad guy was. Although this is the fourth book in the series, I was able to follow along without having read any of the previous books. There were some characters whom I assume have a back story in the other books but wasn’t necessary for this plot. This one can be read as a stand-alone with no problems. I would recommend this story to anyone who loves suspense, romance and a happy ending.

I received this book from Celebrate-Lit in exchange for my honest review.

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