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The Sea Before Us

The Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin is the first book in her Sunrise at Normandy series. Wyatt Paxton is stationed in England awaiting D-Day. He meets Dorothy Fairfax, who is a “Wren” in the Women’s Royal Naval Service. She studies snapshots of the coast of Normandy in order to create accurate maps for the allied landings. Wyatt transforms those maps into naval bombardment plans for D-Day. As they spend more time together will they learn to forgive or will they let their past rule their future? I loved the way that Wyatt clung to God during his trials instead of pushing Him away. It’s a lesson we all should learn. At times Dorothy was a little too thick-headed for my liking, but overall, she was a great heroine. Stories of World War two have always held a special interest for me. I have actually stood Omaha Beach and it was a very moving experience. So, it was easy to picture all the scenes as they unfolded. Dorothy’s love and devotion to her father was very touching. The humor that was woven through-out the story came at just the right times. Ms. Sundin is a very talented author. Her research was woven into a very moving story.

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