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Love and Other Mistakes

Love and Other Mistakes by Jessica Kate is an okay story. It is fast-paced with lots of family “issues” going on. Seven years ago, Jeremy ran out on Natalie, breaking her heart. Now, he’s back with an infant son and needing a nanny. Natalie has spent all her savings helping her parents and she just lost her job. Working for Jeremy is her only option. Will old feelings re-surface or is Natalie’s hate of Jeremy too strong? This story started out with such promise but it didn’t end so well. The characters just didn’t seem to fit. There were several references Natalie’s underwear that I thought were in poor taste; it didn’t add anything to the story. The family “issues” seemed to drag the story without getting resolved. For a Christian fiction story there was not very much repentance for wrong-doing. It was just assumed that forgiveness was a given without really being sorry for the wrongs committed. More of sorry that they were found out. I wouldn’t recommend this book.

I received this book from Celebrate-Lit in exchange for my honest review.

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