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A Heart of Stone

A Heart of Stone by Lyn Cote is the fourth book in her Opposites Attract series. Cash Langley wants no part of love. He’s happy as a bachelor. When his sister dies in a car wreck, she leaves guardianship of her infant daughter to her best friend, Jane Everett. Protesting that there has been some mistake, Cash seeks to fix things. Not wanting a big court battle Cash and Jane try to work out their differences for the good of little Angie. What a sweet story! Cash and Jane are complete opposites, when together the sparks fly! Baby Angie was so cute you just wanted to hold and cuddle her. I thought Cash was a bit hard and callous in the beginning, but the way he treated Angie was so endearing. As Cash and Jane worked together to overcome their past you could feel the timbre of the story change. If only we could recognize the examples of love all around us everyday maybe we wouldn’t have to go through such trials!

I received this e-book from the author in return for my honest review.

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