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Protecting Tanner Hollow

Protecting Tanner Hollow by Lynette Eason is four romantic suspense novellas in one book. All four stories take place in the small town of Tanner Hollow, North Carolina. In Lethal Homecoming Kallie Ainsworth returns home for her stepfather’s funeral only to be met attempts on her life by an unknown assailant. Nolan Tanner the boy she left behind still has feelings for her. Can he protect her and solve the mystery behind who wants her dead before he loses her again, this time for good? In Lethal Conspiracy Lillian Maloney sees her fathers campaign manager murder a woman. Now Lillian must run and hide or she will be next. Firefighter Jason Tanner rescues her from a house fire but can he rescue her from the man who wants her dead? In Lethal Secrets Honor McBride rolls into Tanner Hollow with trouble following. Eli Murphy comes to her aid and helps her change a flat tire. Can he help stop the person who wants Honor dead or will he become a victim? And finally, in Lethal Agenda Detective Derek St. John helps rescue Claire Montgomery from a masked mad-man. The question is why is he after Claire? Will Derek become a target because of his association with Claire? All four are short stories but they don’t feel rushed like most short stories do. MS. Eason gives you plenty of romance and danger. When you pick up this book make sure you have plenty of time to finish it! I loved Tanner Hollow and didn’t want to leave.

I received this book from the publisher for my honest review.

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