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A Portrait of Loyalty

A Portrait of Loyalty by Roseanna M. White is the third book in her Codebreakers series. Lillian Blackwell uses her camera and her knowledge to help the Admiralty during WW1. Zivon Marin, one of Russia’s top cryptographers, flees Russia with information he hopes the British will use to help end the war. Meeting Lily was not part of his plan. When her life and his loyalties are threatened, will they be able to overcome or will they be the next casualties of the war? The suspense was very intense in this book, but the romance helped balance it out very well. I loved Lily’s spirited nature and her willingness to help others. The echo that Zivon kept hearing, “Be Still, and know that I am God,” is something we all should listen to. I think this was a great ending to the series!

I received this book from the author for my honest review.

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