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A Wing and a Prayer

A Wing and a Prayer by Julie Lessman is the first book in her The Cousins O’Connor series. Gabe O’Connor wants to be come a WASP during WW2. She’s the best woman pilot they’ve ever seen but she has trouble following the rules. Alex Kincaid is assigned as her instructor. When he has to expel her for a dangerous stunt, she “borrows” some war correspondent credentials and stows away on a medical ship so that she can join the war effort. I loved Gabe’s spunk and her defense of the underdog. What I didn’t like was how she always thought she could get away with ignoring the rules. Alex was a good balance for her but his character was overbearing at times. He had no give in his vision. What bugged me the most was the author kept referring to Gabe’s best friend, Hope, as her cousin, when in fact she would have been her niece. (Hope was her sister’s daughter). It was an altogether very well put-together story with great little-known facts about World War 2. I really enjoyed the story. At times it was a little “edgy” for a Christian novel. The guys checking out the girls’ dress, the kissing going a little too far, and the feelings expressed. Other than that, it was a great story.

I received this e-book from the author for my honest review.

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