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Berserker by Camille Elliot is the second book in her Lady Wynwood’s Spies serial. In this continuation of the story the team must rescue one of their own from Apothecary Jack. This installment is mainly about that rescue, which is basically the next 24 hours from the first book. There was a lot of action in this story. With very capable heroines. I enjoyed getting to know le petit prince, master of disguises. The only draw-back was that the author kept switching from a person’s first and last names. It made it very confusing to keep up with the many characters. Other than that I really enjoyed the story.

DISCLAIMER: This is a serial novel. Each part has a complete story-line, but is not a stand-alone novel. It ends in a cliffhanger!

I received this e-book from the author for my honest review.

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