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Hope in the Balance

Hope in the Balance by Jim Baton is the second book in his Young Adult Hope Trilogy series. This is the continuing story of the town of Hope, Colorado and its transformation. Kelsey and Harmonie are still uncovering the towns secrets, and someone is more determined than ever to keep those secrets buried. The racial tension is very high in this book, along with rioting and even murder. The Saturday night prayer group is growing. Kelsey and her friends are seeing more heavenly intervention as the town’s tension grows. The author leads us on a journey of faith. Showing that prayer is a great tool against the enemy. As I read the story, I was convicted that I don’t pray enough in my own life. Just imagine what Christians could accomplish today if they would bind together and pray! Can’t wait for the conclusion.

Disclaimer: There are a lot of curse words in this story.

I received this book from the author for my honest review.

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