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My Dear Miss Dupre

My Dear Miss Dupre by Grace Hitchcock is the first book in her American Royalty series. Willow Dupre has six months to choose a husband from the thirty suitors competing for her hand. Can she find true love and someone to help run her father’s sugar refinery within that time frame? If not, her cousin will sell his shares to the competition. This story started out with so much potential. Willow wanted what was best for the family business and was willing to go along with her parents’ wishes even though she wasn’t comfortable with the competition. There were things that the author put in the story that you know would have never happened in that time period; which kind of ruined the book for me. The story ended too fast and we were not part of the wrapping up of all the loose ends. They were just finished. We were told about them in a couple of sentences. All in all I don’t think the story lived up to the hype.

I received this book from the publisher for my honest review.

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