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Promised Land

Promised Land by Robert Whitlow is the second book in his Chosen People series. This is the continuing story of Hana and Daud. They now live in the United States because a terrorist group has their sites on Daud if he returns to Israel. Hana is helping her boss plan a conference on the Middle East. Daud is again enlisted to help the CIA extract a doctor from Egypt all kinds of things explode. Putting thousands of peoples lives at risk, including Hana’s and their unborn child. This story started out a little slow for me. And with the way things have always been between Israel and her neighbors you kind of had an idea what was going to happen. That being said, I think Whitlow did a great job with the story. The interaction was believable, the characters weren’t superheroes and the historical information wasn’t overwhelming. I really enjoyed it. If there is to be another book in the series I would definitely read it.

I received this book Celebrate-Lit for my honest review.

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