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The Indebted Earl

The Indebted Earl by Erica Vetsch is the third book in her Serendipity & Secrets series. Captain Charles Wyvern owes a huge debt to his best friend, Major Richardson, who sacrificed his life to save the captain. The Major’s dying wish was for Charles to look after his fiancé, Sophie. The guilt that Charles felt for surviving the war when Richardson didn’t is not an uncommon occurrence. When he meets Sophie that guilt is intensified. Sophie works through her grief at losing her fiancé by helping others. It was awesome to see the connection between the Captain and Sophie grow throughout the story. I loved the way that Sophie still took such good care of Mamie, even though she wasn’t her mother-in-law after all. There were a few intense action moments in the story but overall, it was a sweet romance.

I received this book from Reading with Audra for my honest review.

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