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The Socialite

The Socialite by J’Nell Ciesielski is a stand-alone World War 2 era novel. Sent to occupied Paris by her father, Sir Alfred Whitford, to bring home her wayward younger sister, Kat never dreamed what awaited her there. Ellie has disgraced the family name and taken up with a Nazi officer. Now Kat must figure out a way to get her sister safely back to England. Barrett Anderson is working for British Intelligence, training resistance fighters in the basement of his pub in Paris. Sir Alfred hires him to bring his girls home safely. Will Kat and Barrett be able to rescue Ellie from the clutches of her Nazi suitor or will they be killed in the power struggle? The story line had great potential. The characters were very likable and meshed well. You had the good guys and the bad guys that made for that good vs. evil content. I liked Kat’s character. She was able to work thru her hurt and pain and find forgiveness. There was just a lot of things in the story that could have been left out.

Disclaimer: This book had a lot of innuendo, drinking, smoking, kissing, heavy making out, content not appropriate for younger readers. The war scenes were very graphic.

I received this book from Just Reads for my honest review.

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