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Things Not Seen

Things Not Seen by Kristina Hall is volume one in her Science Falsely So Called series. After going to prison for robbery and testifying against her brother, Cassie Randall is trying to start over. But fear is her constant companion. When Cassie meets Derek Walker, an atheist Biology professor, she feels that she needs to tell him about the saving power of Jesus. Will she let her fear of talking about her faith over-ride her convictions? This is a story of grace, forgiveness and mercy. Cassie lived in fear of everything but she clung to the promise that God is always faithful. With her feelings of inadequacy, she still witnessed to others. I really enjoyed the story-line. The brother popped in and out and you never really felt like he was a part of the story. It was like he was only there to give a sense of danger and fear. There was a touch of romance but not an over-abundance. The main focus was Cassie’s ability to accept what God had done for her and to share that joy with others. This is Ms. Hall’s debut novel and I think she did a very good job. I’d like to see how she progresses as a writer.

I received this e-book from the author for my honest review.

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