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When Twilight Breaks

When Twilight Breaks by Sarah Sundin is a stand-alone pre-World War 2 novel. Evelyn Brand, an American foreign correspondent, and Peter Lang, an American graduate student working on his PhD, meet in Munich in 1938. Evelyn sees thru the Nazi propaganda but she has to be very careful of what she writes or risk being expelled from the country. Peter is impressed with the order in Germany. When Peter finally sees things as they are, he and Evelyn team up, but with danger around every corner will they be able to expose the evil or be the next victims? Evelyn was such a likable character. Feminine, yet strong. Their romance developed slowly but solidly. The suspense was intense. It was as if you were watching a war-era movie. From the beginning to the end, you were drawn in and held on the edge of your seat, waiting for that other shoe to drop and the danger to increase. This was one of those stay-up-too-late-so-I-can-finish books. Another winner for Ms. Sundin.

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